Hubert Harriman was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and grew up there as a missionary kid, giving him a fluency in Spanish. He and his wife, Sarah, served as missionaries in Argentina for one year. His first calling is to preach, and he feels that call stirring in his heart in a fresh way. He deeply cares about

the message of Scriptural holiness and has faithfully preached it down through his ministry; bringing people to the reality of a life so transformed that they are, by God’s grace, able to live wholly devoted to God.

Hubert served as the CEO/President of World Gospel Mission for fourteen years and retired in July of 2016. Hubert has

preached revival meetings, camp meetings, youth meetings, retreats, and spoke at numerous conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally.

Hubert and Sarah have been married since 1974 and they have three grown daughters and nine grandchildren.