Organizationally, we are a denomination, but we really see ourselves as a family of churches. Check out the video below to find out more about who we are and why we love to call the Missionary Church home or check them out here!



We are Relationally Connected

We encourage, facilitate and resource churches rather than direct them. Our goal is to inspire and partner with one another to increase ministry effectiveness. 

We are Kingdom Minded

We focus more on the mission than the institution. We change the organizational structure whenever necessary to stay on mission. 

We are Biblically Grounded

We are fiercely faithful to core biblical doctrines to ensure that we stay theologically sound. We are not dogmatically exclusive. 

We are Creativity Embracing

We allow freedom and flexibility that empowers churches to be relevant in their communities.

We are Leadership Empowering

We identify, develop and release leaders. We do not limit God in who he calls to leadership.